Private Space: Movement through Vulnerability is a collaborative exhibition/installation of painted vinyl and abstract paintings by Petaluma artists Lucas Addleman and Taylor Mancini. This exhibition explores the themes of anxiety, gravity, perseverance, confidence, contentment, anticipation and desire. The show contains individual works  and collaborative pieces created specifically for Usher Gallery. Show runs from March 26, 2024 through May 3, 2024.


Some Words from the Artists
The most authentic versions of ourselves often exist only within the confines of our own private spaces. However, growth is about connecting with the version of ourselves we often hide within this space and then having the courage to share it with the world. Today, we feel courageous enough to create and share a communal private space with you.

The intention of Private Space is to take you on a journey. Through the vulnerability of the very experience of our minds: anxiety, gravity, perseverance, confidence, contentment, anticipation, desire. This exhibition represents our journey through moments as abstractly represented by the elements. 

Water flows within us of its own accord. We feel we have no control over the overwhelming tide of emotions when reality hits us hard. Our need to come back to Earth in these moments is essential. We all have our own ways of getting there, but ultimately Earth provides us a centered feeling that roots us within our private space. Being grounded in our confidence eventually lifts us into a space of dreaming; of new trajectories and infinite possibilities. Up here, our wildest goals and aspirations become realities.

Our hope in sharing this journey with you is to connect with the authentic private space that lives within us all… to create an unbreakable thread between artist and viewer.

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