Prints by Barbara Kelley


ARTS ALIVE • Thursday, March 21st • 5 to 8pm
Printmaking Demonstration by Barbara Kelley

“Printmaking is the perfect medium for an artist to combine their passion for drawing and painting with a printmaking process to create original art. It blends my skills as a painter with the art of printmaking.”  - Barbara Kelley

Barbara will demonstrate how a variety of original and small edition prints are created using a small portable Italian Press. So that visitors can learn about this process in a non-toxic environment she will use water based inks, applied to a plate to create an image and hand crank or “pull” the plate through the press which will embed the inks onto printmakers paper. Visitors will see many of the tools and techniques that printmakers use when creating monoprints, drypoint engravings and linocuts.

Adventurous visitors may want to try their hand at creating a small print for their art collection! Barbara will be there to guide you through and answer questions as you create.

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