Private Space

Private Space: Movement through Vulnerability
Saturday, April 6th from 5 to 8pm 

Please join us on Saturday, April 6, 2024 from 5 to 8pm for the opening reception of Private Space: Movement through Vulnerability  at Usher Gallery in downtown Petaluma.

Private Space: Movement through Vulnerability is a collaborative exhibition/installation of painted vinyl and abstract paintings by Petaluma artists Lucas Addleman and Taylor Mancini. This exhibition explores the themes of anxiety, gravity, perseverance, confidence, contentment, anticipation and desire. The show contains individual works  and collaborative pieces created specifically for Usher Gallery. Show runs from March 26, 2024 through May 3, 2024.

The reception will feature live music by Swing State, who play funk, ska, hip hop and pop-inspired jazz, and an opportunity to meet the artists. Wine and refreshments will be served. 



Private Space (Show description from the artists))
The most authentic versions of ourselves often exist only within the confines of our own private spaces. However, growth is about connecting with the version of ourselves we often hide within this space and then having the courage to share it with the world. Today, we feel courageous enough to create and share a communal private space with you.

The intention of Private Space is to take you on a journey. Through the vulnerability of the very experience of our minds: anxiety, gravity, perseverance, confidence, contentment, anticipation, desire. This exhibition represents our journey through moments as abstractly represented by the elements. 

Water flows within us of its own accord. We feel we have no control over the overwhelming tide of emotions when reality hits us hard. Our need to come back to Earth in these moments is essential. We all have our own ways of getting there, but ultimately Earth provides us a centered feeling that roots us within our private space. Being grounded in our confidence eventually lifts us into a space of dreaming; of new trajectories and infinite possibilities. Up here, our wildest goals and aspirations become realities.

Our hope in sharing this journey with you is to connect with the authentic private space that lives within us all… to create an unbreakable thread between artist and viewer. 

Taylor Mancini (Artist Bio)
Taylor Mancini was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago and moved to the Bay Area in 1997. After briefly attending CalArts, she decided the greater Los Angeles area was not for her and soon transferred to the University of Oregon. She received a Bachelor of the Arts in Cultural Geography from U of O and soon after went to graduate school to pursue teaching credentials in art and special education. In 2013, she received her Master of Science in Education. 

She currently works as the director of the Drawing and Painting program at Marin School of the Arts at Novato High School in Marin County, California. She loves her job and adores her incredibly talented students.

Taylor has shown work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago. In addition to teaching and exhibitions, she does commission work in primarily the drawing and acrylic painting mediums.

Taylor Mancini (Artist’s Statement)
Painting. It is what gives my thoughts form and what allows me the opportunity to say what I genuinely mean when words just won’t do the trick. My artistic process is guided primarily by abstract experimentation and exploration. The way the paint travels, changes or dries informs my next move, all within the conceptual context of a particular piece. This process allows me to have necessary conversations through my work that would otherwise be impossible because the dialogue is born from the art itself. As a teacher and artist, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to communicate and work with others in this unique way.

Lucas Addleman (Bio)
I’m a local artist from Petaluma who repurposes beat up, unwanted, and unplayable vinyls! It brings me great joy to upcycle old records and create something new and unique.

This all began near the end of 2023, when I bought a couple of big vinyl collections. After sorting through them, keeping a bunch for myself, and passing along others, I was left with a crate of about 20 records. The vinyls in this crate were in really bad condition. They were super-scratched up and warped, some had gnarly amounts of surface noise that were pretty harsh on the ears when played. But, I didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

I thought if they were bound for the trash can, I might as well paint one! What’s the worst that could happen, right?!? Within minutes of begining my first piece, I was smiling, laughing and having the best time painting this vinyl. I was hooked. Thus, “The LP Project” was born!!!

The process starts by choosing a song, putting it on repeat, and allowing the energy of that song to inspire my color scheme and the overall painting process.

I hope these pieces and concept bring as much joy to you as they have to me during their creation! Keep Shining!

Lucas Addleman (Artist’s Statement)
Being creative has always been therapeutic to me. Whether I’m making music, painting, cooking, or capturing photographs, I always feel the most centered and like myself during these activities.  It’s so important to express ourselves from the deepest, most authentic points of our soul. 

I’m a classic overthinker, so being focused on an activity where I can be present in the moment really takes me out of my head. Everything else melts away when I paint. Often times what I’m able to communicate in my work conveys a message much clearer than what I could have conveyed with words. I love being able to further connect painting and music within the world of art. It’s such a special connection that runs so deep into our history as human beings.

Swing State
Swing State Jazz plays funk, ska, hip hop and pop- inspired jazz. They bring tunes from all over America and Latin America.
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